Visitors to Homosassa

Life in Homosassa

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Frank on the Homosassa
PICT7038.JPG (101318 bytes) Ellen visits from St Augustine PICT7044.jpg (86363 bytes)
Ed's latest project
Cassie helps Ed mow
Happy Birthday Ed!
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PICT6483.JPG (58386 bytes) < In the caves

On the Barge Canal >

PICT6424.JPG (64532 bytes) Sarah & Adam November 2006
PICT6420.JPG (53122 bytes) PICT6660.JPG (75543 bytes) < Barge Canal

< On the back roads of Citrus County

The dinosaur! >
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PICT5950.JPG (60452 bytes) PICT5944.JPG (53483 bytes) Amy October 2006

at the pool >
< and on the Homosassa
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PICT3977.JPG (105233 bytes) Kath & Bob with Emily & Zach (Marissa was off to school) stopped by on their way back to Albany.  PICT3979.JPG (117689 bytes) PICT3980.JPG (129824 bytes)
PICT3982.JPG (72322 bytes) PICT3984.JPG (132530 bytes)
PICT3756.jpg (69561 bytes) PICT3762.jpg (91639 bytes) Amy visits again and we relax on the Homosassa. PICT3763.jpg (58110 bytes)
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Don with Joey Lagano at USA Speedway
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...with Keith and Tracy
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Brother Don nappin' on the lanai
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Linda & Tom
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Frank & Helen, our new neighbors and us.
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< Ginny & George > PICT0167.JPG (66647 bytes)
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Larry & Ellie
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Sarah at Cedar Key

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Enjoying the pool

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Nephew Donnie, Bonnie, Kelly, Danny & Christopher

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Brother Don comes to visit

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Relaxing at Ginny's

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Frank, Gloria, Joan & Neal

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Larry throwing shoes

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Ellie & Larry

DCP04215-600.jpg (54224 bytes)

We're all here except Donnie

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Yup, it's 80 in February!

DCP04132-600.jpg (43328 bytes)

Larry made friends with Trav... wonder why!

DCP04100-600.jpg (33120 bytes)

Larry enjoying Ozello

DCP04098-600.jpg (48176 bytes)

My sisters!!

DCP04096b-600.jpg (68964 bytes)

Trav's saying goodbye

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Pete & Kim at the Park

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Charles & Cousins Don & Sarah with K at the salt marshes

DCP04072-600.jpg (39496 bytes)

Marc comes to visit

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Marc at Monkey Island

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Ellie at the wildlife park

DCP03466-600.jpg (51308 bytes)

Halloween at MargueritaGrille

DCP03467-600.jpg (51120 bytes)

Look at them buns!!

DCP03468-600.jpg (39724 bytes)

This is a medium!

DCP03476-600.jpg (52532 bytes)

Sister Ellie at Roger's 

DCP03440-600.jpg (46640 bytes)

Sister Ginny relaxes on the lanai

DCP03482-600.jpg (43860 bytes)
Back to the cold
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< With Mary Jo at World Woods

MJ's Hair straightening >

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DCP03771-600.jpg (44604 bytes)

Ed at the NPD Car Collection

DCP03716-600.jpg (49452 bytes)

AM in Florida

DCP03871-600.jpg (74804 bytes)

Ed Explores a cave in the Withlacoochee Forest

DCP04015-600.jpg (63072 bytes)

Mom & Dad D. and Karen eat a LobsterGram from the kids for our anniversaries

DCP03708-600.jpg (39724 bytes)

Michael moves the Virago to put the boat away

DCP03665-600.jpg (32376 bytes)

On the Homosassa

DCP03654-600.jpg (50728 bytes)

Amy enjoying the sun

DCP03624-600.jpg (42856 bytes)

Mike the co-captain

DCP03618-600.jpg (41224 bytes)

Did you bring the beer?

DCP03607-600.jpg (40384 bytes)

Mike the navigator

DCP03604-600.jpg (33396 bytes)

Out to the Gulf

DCP03600-600.jpg (40856 bytes)

Nice shades!

DCP03362-600.jpg (54060 bytes)

Maggie with "Wilson" in the pool

DCP03366-600.jpg (51188 bytes)

Pool fun!

DCP03369-600.jpg (42664 bytes)

On Pepper Creek

DCP03387-600.jpg (52920 bytes)

Baja'ing with AC in the Withlacoochie Forest

DCP03388-600.jpg (48788 bytes)

Miles & miles of trails!

DCP03389-600.jpg (65916 bytes)

Floral City Great Oaks

DCP02715-600.jpg (70832 bytes)

The BIG pine cone

DCP02763-600.jpg (36352 bytes)

On an airboat ride in the gulf

DCP02721-600.jpg (69260 bytes)

Sarah with a SNAKE! in the wildlife park

DCP02737-600.jpg (70644 bytes)

Amy, here's your Flamingos!

DCP02755-600.jpg (47668 bytes)

Sarah on the bungee jump at the mall

DCP02756-600.jpg (33404 bytes)

Adam doing a flip!

DCP02775-600.jpg (55180 bytes)

Monkey Island in the Homosassa River

DCP02712-600.jpg (27188 bytes)

Manatees from the underwater observatory at the park

DCP03345-600.jpg (56596 bytes)

Ah, refreshing!

DCP03351-600.jpg (53580 bytes)

Adam ordered 1 pancake for breakfast

DCP03352-600.jpg (55776 bytes)

Wow, It's a big one!

DCP03353-600.jpg (55396 bytes)

That's it....    no more room

DCP03350-600.jpg (42668 bytes)

Gotta relax

DCP02768-600.jpg (35000 bytes)

Dolphins on the airboat ride

DCP03412-600.jpg (64428 bytes)

Ready to head home

DCP03413-600.jpg (54852 bytes)

Oh no, not that long ride again!

Life in Homosassa

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