Life In Homosassa

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See it being built

Visitors to Homosassa


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PICT2852b.JPG (531595 bytes) New paint, drapes, floor & shelves.

Thanks Ed!!

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Lake Mirror Auto Festival

The Stray Kitties

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PICT6082.JPG (86814 bytes) These kitties and their Momma took up residence under Gram's house. Momma disappeared, so Karen's momma instincts kicked in! Now they're at our house, trying to get domesticated so they can be adopted. Well 2 anyway... guess where pink nose (Tux) is going.  PICT6185.JPG (66000 bytes)

Update:  All three are still here....

The Smile Maker

See it at Columbia Motorsports Park

Touch of Class "Corvettes In Motion"
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We won first place in the club rally!
Road Rally Winner Trophy-800.jpg (77414 bytes) rally gathering.jpg (106319 bytes)
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New tires on the C5

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New plus one wheels & tires on the 'tek
PICT0604.JPG (54215 bytes) New twin cone intake PICT0608.JPG (102363 bytes)
A new catback just got installed.
Sounds good now.
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Watch Cassie swim!
She even climbs the ladder!
PICT0298.JPG (31213 bytes) cassiehlpic.jpg (114094 bytes)
She's famous now!
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Karen's new ride
ChristnasCard2006.jpg (67825 bytes) Dudley 11-10-04 011.jpg (81019 bytes)
Dudley DoRight
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< The old motel at US 98 & US 19 goes up in smoke!

No, we're not there yet! >

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pict3544-800.jpg (125730 bytes) A Cardinal, in a bush 3 feet off the ground, 1 foot from the house, sitting on 3 eggs (3-28-06)

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PICT3558.JPG (137826 bytes) The new  pergola (arbor). Thanks Ed! PICT3560.JPG (149490 bytes) PICT2104.JPG (87864 bytes)
My job at the Wildlife Park
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A Homosassa Sunset
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An old gulf town

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Cedar Key Arts & Crafts Festival

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Cedar Key

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A neat B&B

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A great open-air restaurant

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First UMC of Homosassa

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The excellent choir

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Pastor Mark Whitaker

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Neil's B'day cake

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How 'ya like the new duals?

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Ice from the sprinklers

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A LobsterGram from the kids for our anniversaries

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K at the Crystal River Manatee Festival

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The Skyway Bridge over Tampa Bay

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A Pelican scans Clearwater Beach

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A new laundry cabinet

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New windshield on the Virago

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Restroom doors... Get it?

DCP03607-600.jpg (40384 bytes)

Where we goin'??

DCP03600-600.jpg (40856 bytes)

This is nice!

DCP03649-600.jpg (48800 bytes)

Ahh!!! Relaxing...

DCP03624-600.jpg (42856 bytes)

Headin' to the Gulf

DCP03709-600.jpg (42380 bytes)

Gotta flush out the salt water...

DCP03590-600.jpg (56564 bytes)

The driver roster

DCP03536-600.jpg (40860 bytes)

What have I gotten myself into??

DCP03563-600.jpg (43292 bytes)

All strapped in

DCP03567-600.jpg (47192 bytes)

What do I do now?

DCP03577-600.jpg (49460 bytes)

They had to pry my fingers off the wheel!

DCP03595-600.jpg (62948 bytes)

I went 121.53 mph!

DCP03503-600.jpg (31356 bytes)

Willow thinks it's pretty nice here

DCP03484-600.jpg (39460 bytes)

The boat's finally ready to launch

DCP03486-600.jpg (45408 bytes)

The Fiero's tagged and in service

DCP03488-600.jpg (81852 bytes)

We finally got the sundial placed

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Karen & Karin at the Old Homosassa Seafood Festival

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What more could you ask for...

palm trees and Flamingos

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Sam goes for a ride

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Relaxing in the swing

Lucifer, the adopted Hippo at the Wildlife Park

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DCP03237 600.jpg (36604 bytes)

 They're in the wildlife park, not our back yard...

Lu gets his watermelon

Babysitting for Sam

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Karen's tacky lights

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DCP03329-600.jpg (39064 bytes)

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DCP03276-600.jpg (37420 bytes)

Willow likes the tub

DCP03281-600.jpg (31440 bytes)

DCP03259 600.jpg (47956 bytes)

DCP03260 600.jpg (51788 bytes)

DCP03263 600.jpg (38340 bytes)

Your Guest Room

A beer and a newspaper.... doesn't get any better than this!

Grandma relaxes on the lanai

The garage is full!

DCP03266 600.jpg (40404 bytes)

Mixed signals

image_map.gif (32536 bytes)

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Karen relaxes in the tub

DCP03312-600.jpg (51816 bytes)

Neil checks out the new Dish TV

DCP03314-600.jpg (45216 bytes)

Karen's gardening cart

DCP03319-600.jpg (38572 bytes)

Neil's proud of his self-installed opener

DCP03326-600.jpg (49980 bytes)

The work area's shaping up

DCP03305b-600.jpg (48152 bytes)

Thelma & Louise

DCP03303-600.jpg (36832 bytes)

Trav heard thunder!

DCP03272-600.jpg (43540 bytes)

DCP03280-600.jpg (56328 bytes)

DCP03331-600.jpg (45296 bytes)

Thanks everyone, this is the table & chairs we bought with our gift certificate from the party

DCP03334-600.jpg (37328 bytes)

Finishing Neil's new computer armoire

DCP03335-600.jpg (48240 bytes)

Have bikes, will pedal!

DCP03336-600.jpg (68960 bytes)


DCP03337-600.jpg (58416 bytes)

Our bookcases finally arrive

DCP03358-600.jpg (76576 bytes)

Neil's cardiologist golfs here

DCP03355-600.jpg (58968 bytes)

It's a couple miles down the road

DCP03414-600.jpg (43036 bytes)

Filling the bookcases


PICT0470b-nopot.jpg (269659 bytes)
The Old Fleet, only two remain.


Karen's 60th


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Christmas 2004
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