The NEW Smile Maker

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2011 Grand Sport

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6-SP Paddle Shifter

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6-piston calipers

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Rear brake cooling ducts

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436 HP

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The Bi-Mode exhaust barks

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325/30-19 rears

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We won a trophy at Corvettes In The Sunshine

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GS Hash Stripes

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The Smile Maker

See it at Columbia Motorsports Park

See an incredible collection of GM muscle cars at Muscle Car City in Punta Gorda

Touch of Class "Corvettes In Motion"
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We won first place in the club rally!
Road Rally Winner Trophy-800.jpg (77414 bytes) rally gathering.jpg (106319 bytes)
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New tires on the C5

PICT0604.JPG (54215 bytes) New twin cone intake PICT0608.JPG (102363 bytes) PICT1377.JPG (78409 bytes)
PICT1380.JPG (90417 bytes) A new catback just got installed.
Sounds good now.
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PICT1340.JPG (84441 bytes) PICT1375.JPG (92239 bytes)
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The latest resident of the 53 BOI garage.

>> Sadly, this is all that
remains of my mid-year...

...and a couple of other '60s Muscle Cars>>

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See below

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